Bournemouth Report: The Conference Where Nothing Happened

Working in close cooperation with the private sector – Thermo Fisher Scientific, to be more specific – the U.K.’s Dorset Police Department scored what Americans would call a “no hitter” at last year’s Labour Party Conference in Bournemouth.

CDC's Career Epidemiology Field Officer Program

The innovative CEFO Program represents a new national resource that is already being used by 21 states to strengthen their own epidemiological preparedness capabilities, with other states sure to follow in the near future.

The Gap Analysis Tool: Building Blocks for Preparedness

Best-case estimates provide a shaky foundation for all-hazards disaster plans; worst-case estimates may cost more in the short term, therefore, but are a better working tool for post-incident response and recovery efforts.

Sorting It All Out: Triage, CERT, and EMS

Community Emergency Response Team members are often the only medical “reserve” available to a community hit by a mass-casualty incident. But, like the medical professionals they are helping, they face some difficult questions impossible to answer.
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