Business and Personal Preparedness - the Key to Collective Survival

Small businesses have big problems – during and in the aftermath of incidents causing damage to their facilities, inventories, and supply chains. The Homeland Security & Defense Business Council recognizes the problem & is doing something about it.

The Management of Mass-Fatality Incidents

Reverence, respect, professional expertise, and detailed planning – all are among the essential tools needed by state and local planners to successfully deal with the aftermath of a major disaster causing a large number of deaths and injuries.

Moulage Casts Reality With Mock Injuries

An ancient & honorable Renaissance word is put to good use at FEMA’s Center for Domestic Preparedness, where moulage artists replicate broken arms, cuts, bruises, & other injuries to make first-responder training more realistic and more effective.

Election-Year Realities, and the Promise of Change

One primary election and one caucus down, and only 48 states to go. The quadrennial U.S. presidential election process, front-loaded this year as never before, is well underway. By the
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