Politics and Science: A Glowing Combination?

How does a democracy work? Not always quite the way it should, particularly when substantive evidence has been presented for only one side of an issue and the media compensates by giving more, and more favorable, publicity to the other side.

Containing the Threat: Eleven Million Challenges

CBP falls short in its efforts to start implementing the “100-percent screening” mandate issued by Congress. The issues involved are numerous, costly, and extremely complicated. Nonetheless, failure is not an option.

NIMS Training Plans: An Effort Without End

From George Washington’s days to the present, U.S. leaders have adhered to the credo that “Eternal Vigilance” is “the price of freedom.” Today, those wise words of warning are applicable,

Plan Nationally, Respond Locally

Flexibility, common sense, and operational efficiency are the hallmarks of the new National Response Framework, which builds on the solid but sometimes too rigid foundation of its predecessor doctrine, the National Response Plan.
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