Responding to Incidents in a Neighboring Port

The U.S. port system is huge, complex, and immensely important to the nation’s economy and to homeland security. The 24/7 protection of that system is an extremely difficult task and usually involves a host of different organizations and agencies working in close cooperation with one another.

EMS: Increased Emphasis on the Medical Aspect

The still ongoing professionalization of the EMS field has been a gradual but hugely successful undertaking that has resulted not only in the saving of many, many lives but also has made those lives richer, less painful, and longer-lasting.

Discovery Channel TV Series: The Colony - Week Six

The ten volunteers continue their quest for survival – but are suddenly rocked by the unexpected, and unexplained, disappearance of one of their members. The “real” loss of this one person is in some ways emotionally more distressing than the cataclysmic loss of the entire nation in which they had lived during their previous lives.

Qualifications, Credentials, and a Need for Speed

Progress in the development of a national credentialing system has ranged from slow to slower. Which is no longer good enough for government work, particularly in the new Age of Terrorism when the nation’s enemies strike suddenly, at random, and without remorse.

Discovery Channel TV Series: The Colony - Week Five

The volunteers learn that hard work, good intentions, and ingenious solutions will not ensure their survival. What also is needed is elected or appointed leadership. And maybe a few common-sense laws applicable to all hands.

National Recovery Doctrine: The Next Preparedness Frontier

Recovery operations cannot begin until the first responders have finished their work. But recovery plans can and should be in place well before disaster strikes. To date, though, there has been very little movement on the promulgation of a detailed Recovery Doctrine.

The Development of National Standards for Credentialing

Who goes there? And what are his/her skills, professional qualifications, and other capabilities? The only sure way to answer these and other questions posed in times of crisis is through a national credentialing system that takes into account a long list of practical requirements and possible pitfalls.

Managing the SNS Stockpile: A Case Study

The Strategic National Stockpile (of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and other medical supplies) is one of the most important “”tools”” available to fight a pandemic. This case study tells how two states worked with Upp Technology Inc. to sharpen that tool and make it exponentially more effective.

Discovery Channel TV Series: The Colony - Week Four

The volunteers continue their efforts to build a new and better world from the destruction all around them. But they also must take time to protect themselves from attack by other survivors not as well intentioned.
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