'Wetware' and Other Technologies Supported Obama Inauguration

The swearing-in ceremonies, the parade, and the celebrations that followed were major successes. An even greater success was the behind-the-scenes preparations that ensured that nothing happened that was not supposed to happen.

Mergers, Volunteerism, and Cost Considerations

Cut costs the easy way – by merging agencies, using more volunteers, and reducing services. The only problem is that agency employees might be unhappy, taxpayers might revolt, and elected officials might soon be looking for new jobs.

New Focus on Private-Sector Preparedness Standards

At last! A Federal Register notice asks the nation’s business community to comment on ideas that have been submitted to upgrade the disaster-preparedness capabilities of the U.S. private sector. Read,

Surge Prerequisites: Plans, Practices, Preparations

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers are aware that surge capabilities have become increasingly important in dealing with mass-casualty incidents. But few really understand that many meanings are encompassed in that one word.
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