Stadium and Venue Security

Crowd control is today both a challenge and a necessity, as demonstrated by the Beijing Olympics and this summer’s political conventions. The controls used, though, are often resented, and frequently

China Today: Spectacular, Mesmerizing, Prosperous - But

An AUSA (Association of the U.S. Army) report takes a close look at the “New China” and sees not only unprecedented prosperity and a less hostile foreign policy but also a fierce nationalism and some still-simmering anti-U.S. political policies.

CPG 101: All Hazards and All Phases

Emergency planning has a long, rich history not only in the United States but also in other industrialized countries throughout the world. The Federal Civil Defense Guide was compiled and promulgated during

'Zero Hour': A Serious Game for Emergency Responders

George Washington University plans to convene two “policy summits” focused on the preparedness needs of large cities. One highlight of the meetings will be a bloodily realistic videogame showing how first responders can help turn victims into patients.

The Bruce Ivins Case: Pros and Cons

Did the suicide of Dr. Bruce Ivins write “finished” to the investigation of the 2001 anthrax attacks. Perhaps. But questions remain, there are some circumstances yet to be explained, & the case against him may not be as airtight as originally believed.

A Follow-Up Report: Breakthrough in Towson - AHC's GIS Workshop

The 29-30 July All-Hazards Consortium workshop focused on the exciting technological capabilities provided by the introduction of new GIS (geographic information systems) devices, and spelled out a number of formidable challenges as well.

Undomiciled: Domestic Preparedness for the Homeless

When disaster strikes the impact is felt by all members of the community, including those without homes, without power (electric or political), and sometimes (far too often) almost without hope.
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