Dr. Denis Onieal, Superintendent, FEMA's National Fire Academy

Dr. Onieal discusses professional development of skills for terrorist-incident response in the context of development of standard fire-service skills. An overview of the NFA curriculum http://www.usfa.fema.gov/ and the linkages to state training systems.

The Professional Development Model curriculum for college-level fire science students. Oklahoma State University’s international journal of fire-service leadership and management.

How NFA courses meet and/or exceed National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. NIMS training for performance and compliance. Credentialing for Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201, the Personalentity Verification (PIV) card, whichentifies minimum standards that need to be met for a firefighter’sresponse to a national event.

The Training Resource and Data Exchange (TRADE) network–information sharing for training issues. The NFA’s Higher Education Program – college-credit courses.

John F. Morton

John F. Morton is the Strategic Advisor for DomPrep. He is also the Homeland Security Team Lead for the Project on National Security Reform (PNSR). A member of the DomPrep team since its founding, he has served as managing editor for writer assignments and interviewer for scores of DomPrep audio interviews.

Denis Onieal

Dr. Denis Onieal was appointed Superintendent of the National Fire Academy in 1995. A native of Jersey City, he has been a career firefighter since 1971, rising through the ranks to become Deputy Fire Chief in 1991, and acting Chief of a Uniformed Force of 600. He has spent his entire thime "in the street" as a line fire officer. He earned a Doctorate degree in Education from New York University, a Master's degree in Public Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and a Bachelor's degree in Fire Administration from Jersey City State College. He was a professor in the Master and Doctorate degree programs in education at the New York University prior to his appointment, and has over 20 publications in the field.



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