New Security Officer Training Opportunity

EDGARTOWN, MA – Emergency Film Group has released Professional Security Officer: Roles & Responsibilities, a DVD-based training program for security guards. The training describes how security professionals support a safe workplace and a secure facility, while remaining professional, open and friendly. It describes the principal roles and responsibilities of security officers and reviews pertinent crisis intervention situations. It also examines criminal and civil laws as they pertain to security personnel, portrays interactions with public safety agencies, and studies advanced security technology.

This training is appropriate for security officers who work for contract companies providing outsourced security services as well as for those employed directly by the institutions they serve. The program includes a 28-minute DVD plus a separate Instructor’s CD-Rom with Power Point, quiz, suggestions for activities including role playing, and extra reference materials.

Professional Security Officer: Roles & Responsibilities is Part One of a planned 8-module series that will provide comprehensive training that security guards need to perform their jobs effectively. Future modules will be completed this fall and early next year. When completed, the series will provide 20 contact hours of training, including four hours of full action video and 16 hours of room activities to adapt the lessons of the videos to the organization or jurisdiction.

The series is based on extensive research, including study of the programs for the states that have requirements for security officer training. According to Gordon Massingham, who wrote and directed the program, “While the state programs are roughly the same, there are some differences from state to state. We account for this in the Instructor’s guide which encourages adapting the lessons from the video to each jurisdiction or facility. The guide also includes links for each state’s requirements.” The Professional Security Officer series can be used as a complete course of instruction or as a training aid for existing courses.

Security personnel who are trained with the Professional Security Officer series will improve their knowledge patrolling, handling emergencies, and terrorism related issues. They will understand the basic legal issues that apply to security officers, including the limitations of their powers. The training will demonstrate procedures for detention search and arrest, and will improve skills in personnel observation, detection, reporting, and investigation. Most importantly, it will improve the ability to interact with local emergency services. Although designed as a series, each individual module will stand alone for use in an existing course or as refresher training on a specific topic.

Technical committee advisors for Professional Security: Roles & Responsibilities include James F. Broder, a former FBI Special Agent and employee of  the US State Department; Robert Fischer, former Director of the Illinois Law Enforcement Executive Institute; Edward Halibozek, a corporate vice president of security for a Fortune 100 company; David C. Walters of Cisco Systems, formerly the head of Corporate Safety & Security and currently the Director of Brand Protection; and Eugene Tucker, head of Praetorian Protective Service and a past member of the board of directors of the Business Recovery Managers Association.

About the Emergency Film Group Emergency Film Group uses leading professionals in emergency response and film production to create authoritative and accurate emergency response training programs. Winner of more than 140 awards in national and international competition, the company addresses such timely topics as terrorism response, homeland security, hazardous chemicals, and more. For more information, or  a catalog describing programs available from the Emergency Film Group, call 800 842-0999 or 508 627-8844, or e-mail Program descriptions and video clips are available on-line at



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