Article Out Loud - Reduce Burnout & Increase Retention in Emergency Management

An Article Out Loud from the Domestic Preparedness Journal. 

Emergency management professionals are regularly tasked with high-stress responsibilities, including political pressure, life safety concerns, vulnerable infrastructure, and community vulnerabilities. Three ways to reduce the risk of burnout and increase retention efforts are described in this article: lead with care, invest in psychological support, and look at the schedule.

Narrated by MacGregor Stephenson.

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Kesley Richardson

Kesley Richardson, DPA, is a U.S. Virgin Islands native, scholar, public speaker, researcher, and practitioner in emergency management and is an adjunct professor at Loyola University in Chicago, Nova Southeastern University, and Texas Southern University. Previous roles included Region 6 recovery coordinator at the Florida Division of Emergency Management, emergency management coordinator for Hillsborough County (Florida), emergency management healthcare coordinator and research fellow for the William Averette Anderson Fund (BAF) for Hazard and Disaster Mitigation Education and Research, and test, training, and exercise program coordinator for Jogan Health. He is part of organizations such as the International Association of Emergency Managers, Black Emergency Managers Association, Florida Public Health Association, and Florida Emergency Preparedness Association and networks with like-minded professionals to make an actionable change and cultivate action-based research. With his diverse background, Dr. Richardson leverages his achievements and passions to support his goal of cultivating a more diverse and accessible field of emergency management.



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